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sibork sibork wrote in ru_artillery
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Пре-ПМВ американка в необычном калибре
Написано 7.6 inch howitzer 1915 carriage. Больше ничего про неё не знаю, наткнулся буквально только что. По клику попадёте на страницу архива, с которой можно утянуть необрезанный оригинал в 20+ Мб.

А верн ли тэг 75 мм?

(может это?)
The Field Artillery Journal
Vol. V
No. 1

7.6-Inch Howitzer Matériel.
There have been designed and are now under construction a 7.6-
inch siege howitzer and carriage. This will fire a 240 pound
projectile with a muzzle velocity of 1100 feet per second. At 40 degrees elevation a projectile having the present service type of head will reach a maximum range of approximately 9450 yards. By the use of a lighter weight pr
ojectile—190 pounds—equipped with
a very long, sharp pointed head, a muzzle velocity of 1350 feet per
second can be secured and a maximum range of 12,250 yards. In transportation the howitz
er and the recoil cylinder are to be carried
in one load and the remainder of the carriage in another. Each load
will be about 8,000 pounds, the same as the present loads for 4.7-inch gun and 6-inch howitzer.

Light Weight Projectiles for 4.7-Inch and 6-Inch Howitzers.
There is under consideration the question as to the desirability of
lighter weight projectiles in addition to those now supplied 4.7-inch
and 6-inch howitzers, the purpose being to increase the maximum ranges. The extreme ranges can thereby be increased by from 20 to 30 per cent., an advantage which seems to me to justify the complication of carrying two weights of projectile.

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Тэг верен, но недостаточен. :D Рядом с 7,6-дм гаубицей для сравнения стоит виккерсовская экспортная горная 2,95-дм гаубица, которая 75-мм по-человечески.

>(может это?)
Наверняка, спасибо!